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The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.

Working here is fun, challenging, fast-paced, and massively rewarding

A career at Reward Gateway is unlike any other. You’ll love your job, you’ll work alongside great people, and you’ll have unparalleled opportunity for professional growth. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out what our current employees have to say:

Cat Wright

“If you’re putting yourself forward for a job with Reward Gateway get ready to jump feet first into a fast-paced, constantly evolving company that’s filled with the most wonderful people you’ll ever work with. You’ll go through days where you’ll struggle, sometimes a lot – but you’ll also be a part of something worth putting your name to, and that’s a wonderful feeling.”

Cat Wright – Implementation Specialist, London UK

George Dixon

“Do you remember the feeling when you were younger and you had that special toy or game that made you feel like the coolest kid in town? The toy that you would regularly clean and always look for ways to make it ’better’? Well, that is exactly how I would describe RG and our way of life. A business where you can take pride in telling your friends and family you work for a business that’s mission is “To make the world a happier place to work”. Now that’s a pretty cool toy.”

George Dixon – Employee Engagement Consultant, London UK

Meet the teams and learn more about our culture on the Culture page

Our own employee benefits

Making people happy at work is what we do best here at Reward Gateway! Here are our top three global benefits, as voted by the team.

Employee Share Scheme (ESS)

Our employee share scheme gives every employee transparent share options that represent a real tangible reward. The current ESS is the second one we’ve run, and is a great motivator to remind each other that we’re all working hard towards a common goal.

Parental Leave

Fully paid parental leave regardless of gender for the first full year of the child's birth or adoption. Even if you are not the primary caregiver you can get 4 weeks full pay within the first year.

Free Monthly Lottery

Everyone’s favourite event of the month! We run a global monthly draw with thirteen prizes tax paid. The live draw is filmed with real lottery balls every month as part of our in-house TV production, the Global Briefing.

Individual Office Benefits

Check out the full list of employee benefits for each specific country:




United Kingdom

United States

But don’t just take our word for it.
Ask our employees.

As part of your research and before you apply, check out our profile on – the anonymous employee review website. Glassdoor is completely anonymous and we can’t control what is said on there. Here are just a few anonymous employee reviews of Reward Gateway on Glassdoor:

“The inspirational culture starts from the top so you want to achieve great things for the business.”

“A fantastic company going through an exciting period in its evolution. A culture quite like no other.”

“So rewarding to work with amazing people at an awesome company!”

See what our people are up to:

Check out the activity from #rgfun on twitter and instagram.

But, working here is not for everyone.

The people that succeed at Reward Gateway are special. They’re anything but normal. We want to be really honest with you about that before you even think about looking at a career with us.

Reward Gateway people work really, really hard. They’re obsessed about making things better and striving for perfection. They love change, embrace change and create change. They get used to a business that’s in a constant state of flux – not just because it’s grown by 200 major clients a year for the past 5 years running, but because everyone always wants things to be better so they’re always changing how we do things to accomplish that.

Reward Gateway people start new things all the time. And they drop what isn’t working – fast. They’re unafraid of failure and they’re unafraid of being measured and tested by the people they live for – their clients. Reward Gateway people stand up and are proud of their company and what they do for a living. Their work is important to them and they are committed to it.

Reward Gateway people are also committed to each other and the company. Like we said, they work hard and they play hard too. They work together, hang out together and a good few of them even live together. For a good few, their past histories are connected and intertwined – check out the RG Social Graph (our alternative organisation chart for fun and gory details). They even keep a whole website dedicated to what it’s like to have a career at Reward Gateway – check it out at

As part of your research and before you apply, check out our profile on – the anonymous employee review website. Glassdoor is completely anonymous and we can’t control what is said on there. Read all the reviews, they paint a detailed and honest picture.

Applying for a career at RG: Read this carefully.

Reward Gateway is a great place to work and we get hundreds of applicants every month. You only get one chance to make a great impression on our recruiters who really are looking for the very best. So take time before making your application.

Before applying make sure that Reward Gateway is the right place for you to be happy and to do your best. Don’t proceed until you’ve done these four things:

  1. Have a really good read of this whole careers page.
  2. Have a really good look at our YouTube site at Look at the different sections, watch the videos – what do they tell you about us and the company?
  3. Spend some quality time on Backstage at Reward Gateway at It’s a site all about working at RG and it’s full of People profiles and information about what a career with RG is like.
  4. Check out the anonymous reviews of what it’s like to work at RG at

Be honest with yourself, do you really want this? Is this the perfect company and role for you? Only if it is, only if you’re now very excited, have a look at the vacancies below and make an application that blows us away. remember – you only get one chance to make a first impression and we are looking only for world-class people.

Tim Hasley
“The first thing that struck me about this business was just how much everyone loved working here and how it feels like a second family.”
Tim Halsey, Business Development Manager, Reward Gateway Australia
Download our Culture Book
Investors in People

We’re proud to have been accredited as an Investor in People since 2010. There are many ways that we look at our employee engagement and culture internally, but this is something external that gives us the benefit of an outside view on how we work as an employer.