The #HRHeroChallenge is back on the 14th March for a 5 day comms kickstarter! Sign up today.

The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.

We provide millions in sales each year for the US’s top retailers. How much are we doing for you?

We’re always looking to add genuine, exclusive deals for our users.

We work directly with pretty much every major retailer in the UK – online and offline. We’re a partner for all the major high street stores including Sainsbury’s, M&S, House of Fraser & Debenhams and we’re a trusted channel for all the big online stores too, everyone from ASOS to Tesco Direct to Expedia. For many retailers we are their largest single customer – its a great demonstration of what happens when you get a closed-group shopping program right.

Our model is simple. We’re 100% employer funded, 100% retailer independent, 100% closed group.

Employers pay the running costs of the Reward Gateway service. They integrate it with their reward and benefit strategy and we provide for them an integrated hub that hosts all of their benefits and reward options. We link up with their HR systems to handle joiners and leavers – thats what keeps the service genuinely closed to just employees who work for our clients.

100% retailer independent means that we take all the commission, discount, kick backs, bonus payments and other income from retail and we apply all of it for the benefit of employees. We do this through our Product P&L – there’s a great guy in finance called Richard who’s job it is to keep this £300 million spinning top perfectly balanced on zero! This policy means that employers trust us, so they really get behind the service and promote it. Employees trust us so they use it without fear of spam or sales. And retailers benefit because the channel actually works, gets traction and delivers you sales.

We love new retailers to join, but we do have strict criteria.

Our clients trust us to provide the world’s best product and service and we never compromise in our duty to deliver that. This is good for you as a retailer or partner as it means for the first time, an employee benefit program is really supported and promoted properly by employers who see it as a genuinely strategic part of their overall benefits strategy.

RG-Employee-Discount-Charter-TN1All of our retail partners must sign up to the Employee Discount Charter. Failure to measure up to its high standards at any time results in immediate suspension of your offer – whoever you are. When the integrity of our service to clients is in question, we suspend first and investigate second. We operate a three strikes and you’re out policy, so truly – there’s no messing around!

We’re looking for retailers and partners with these attributes:

  • Able to provide a genuine long term discount or offer on purchases for this exclusive closed group.
  • Able to comply fully with our Employee Discount Charter.
  • Committed to good customer service and willing to step in and put things right quickly when they go wrong.
  • In particular we are looking to widen our coverage of partners within health and wellbeing and also direct manufacturer brands.
  • In particular we are looking for retailers or brands who wish to do something special with our group, the largest in the UK by several multiples, with a contractually exclusive discount.

In return we offer :

  • A genuinely closed user group. Reward Gateway is 100% exclusively employee benefits. We don’t operate any other type of program so there is no risk of your offer leaking out into the public domain.
  • Promotion under our client’s employer brand – a trusted portal within the workplace.
  • For partners offering exclusive rates and deals and with products that have broad appeal we may offer enhanced communications within the workplace of our clients.
  • For partners offering exclusivity we may offer deep integration with various aspects of our technology.

Think you’re a good fit? Contact the retail team now and let's talk.