HR Heroes: It's time for our first ever Wellbeing Week!

You’ve read articles, been to seminars, seen it on every benefits news site. But has your employee wellbeing strategy made it to the top of your agenda yet? 

Having a workplace wellbeing strategy helps create healthier, happier employees - it's shown to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost engagement. Being fit, being happy, being mentally prepared to take on the world – it’s all part of making the world a happier place to work. It’s time for us to tune into the world around us and focus on how we’re building wellbeing into our organisations and employees lives. Helping you to build a wellbeing strategy that works for you and each and every one of your employees.

We want to help people live better so they can live happier.

And that’s just the thing, wellbeing means something different to everyone at every point in their lives, so just think... you could have 300 employees… that's 300 different dreams and goals on how they could live life a little bit better! So it’s pretty tricky to get it right for everyone. Whether you’re a wellbeing warrior already or still waiting for those wellbeing wings to fly we’ll be taking you through 5 days of top tips to get started with shaping your wellbeing strategy.

Take part and you could be in with a chance to win an Apple Watch!

The week of wellbeing wonder starts on the 11th July 2016, each day, you'll be set a mini-project you can roll out within your organisation straight away. The challenge will get you to think about how you can kickstart wellbeing initiatives into your culture and really create some healthy behaviours throughout your organisation.

All of the best challenges have a sweet prize waiting at the finish line, so we've put together the following incentives for those who complete all the tasks:

  • A gorgeous hamper full of HR Hero goodies including an Apple Watch will be given to one lucky winner for sharing the most inspirational post with us during the challenge!

  • Exclusive invitations to speak at and attend our HR Hero Masterclasses throughout 2016

What will you need to do?

Every day, for 5 days, we’ll assign you a new task to complete. Once you’ve done it, simply post the results on social media with the hashtag #HRHeroChallenge so we can track your progress - easy!

We want you to push the boundaries every day and explore new, simple ways that you can make positive changes to your wellbeing strategy for 2016. Our goal is to increase engagement, inspire each other and collaborate with your HR peers. 

Sounds good, right? So, how do you get involved?

Just fill out this quick form and we’ll email you on the 11th July with your first challenge. 

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