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The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.

Reward Gateway Birmingham Team Photo

The Birmingham office is home to a key sales and service team that looks after our clients in the Midlands and further North.

We’ve got over 800 clients in the UK alone, which is why we made the decision to start a satellite office in Birmingham; going strong since 2010!


Rebecca Poxon
Senior Implementation Manager
Joined in May 2012

What is the culture like in your office?

Culture in our office is like the Brummie to its Birmingham; it is its soul. It has a fun disposition but don’t be fooled, as we are a hardworking, competitive bunch who aren’t afraid to speak up! There is much respect in the office as we all work so closely together, creating a great sense of camaraderie especially when it comes to our playful competitive sister HQ; The Southerners…


What makes your office a unique place to work?

We live the RG values day in and day out and have our own spokesperson on the RG Culture Team. But like any satellite office we have our own little differences and quirks. One of which is our daily post-lunch quiz, which has it’s own leaderboard and forfeit for the loser (Losers pay for the team’s bacon sarnies). Whilst RG offers an amazing Reward and Recognition nomination across the company, we have introduced our very own ‘Brummie of the Quarter’ which is really fantastic and enables us to truly show our thanks to members of the team here in Brum. And in true RG style it is followed by a good old knees up. Last time we hosted our very own Wii Olympics.

We are an office of sales and service which means we are not afraid to speak up, but thanks to our culture we always do so in a respectful manner which means we develop our thinking on a local and global level.

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