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The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.


About 100 Reward Gateway people work in London at our flagship office at 265 Tottenham Court Road.

We’re home to our Engagement Specialists, Implementation Gurus and a variety of other rockstars all obsessed with making beautiful products and making our clients happy.

You can read more about why our London home is somewhere both our employees and clients love here.


Federica Silvi
Implementation Specialist
Joined in May 2014

What is the culture like in your office?

The incredible diversity of skills, experiences, backgrounds and personalities we have is what makes the London office a unique place to work. On any given day, you’re guaranteed to work with someone from a different team or department; or at least have a quick chat with them at the coffee machine. Every interaction is an opportunity to find out what’s happening in another part of the business, learn a new way of approaching a task, or discover a different point of view on a situation you’re facing. You learn something new from each and every person you meet, and that doesn’t just make you better at your job: it makes you more human, too.


If we walked into your office what would we find the team doing?

It’s a buzzing, exciting place to be; this is where all the engagement solutions we build for our clients are born. Every day, Engagement and Implementation Specialists and Consultants work together to understand our clients’ needs, share ideas on how to delight each and every user, and design employee benefits programmes that will engage business of all types and sizes, making a real difference in the day to day lives of employees all over the UK.

Office Dog
Joined in 2014

What does your team like to do for fun?

We’re a diverse bunch, but we have one thing in common: we don’t do fun by halves around here. We’ve hosted a mass ice bucket challenge, organised a fancy dress pirate party, taken the whole office out for an afternoon sports day at Hyde Park…and whenever the cold season kicks in, the theme of the next Christmas party is always guaranteed to stir some excitement.


Do you have any office pets?

Yes! Us Londoners are also lucky enough to have an office dog. Star the Staffy loves to stroll around keeping an eye on what’s going on in the office, and taking the occasional nap on the sofas.


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