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The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.

Home to our 24/7 Employee Helpdesk, Client Support and Product Development Teams.

This video is the first part of a new series we’ve created inspired by one of our company values, Think Global.

Our HRD & People Manager visited the team in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in October 2014 to learn more about the culture and people behind Reward Gateway’s largest team.


Jenni Yates
Head of Client Support
Joined in November 2009



If we walked into your office what would we find the team doing?

Our Bulgarian office is split over 2 floors, and is home to our fabulous Client Support, Employee Helpdesk and (soon to be) Finance Operations teams, which will be around 50 people in total once our recruitment plans are complete! This office has a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere with a constant chatter of people on the phone helping Clients with their day to day admin needs, and enabling employees to make the most of the benefits and discounts on offer to them.

I work on this floor leading the client support team who work to an SLA of 3 business hours for action of any basic client support query. By the end of this year they expect this to be 30 minutes, and they are so passionate about improvement that our ambition is to then half that to 15 minutes. Never a dull moment!

Head on up to the 8th floor and you’ll find our hugely talented Product Development and Design team, of which there are around 30, making them the biggest team in the company. These are the guys that build all the amazing products and features that make up SmartHub™, ensure all the pages and communications look beautiful and enable employees to have a fantastic user experience. The vibe here is a little quieter than downstairs, as most people are busy writing lines and lines of developer code and need to be able to concentrate, but there’s always someone who will welcome you with a friendly ‘hello!’ when you come up to visit and ask you how you are.


What makes your office a unique place to work?

The work ethic is not like any I’ve experienced before; there’s a constant buzz of activity the guys take their deadline very seriously, but it never feels overly stressy or frantic. We all pitch in and work together as a team to get things done no matter what, and the most apparent and amazing thing is that everyone genuinely loves their job, which I think is truly remarkable.

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