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The #HRHeroChallenge is back! Sign up today.

Help your employees understand the value of their total rewards package.

Reward Gateway Total Reward Statements are tailored to provide details of the rewards and benefits package each employee is receiving, as well as potential extra benefits they could receive in the future. By showing employees the total value of their package, you can cultivate better staff satisfaction, understanding, and morale. On top of that, Total Rewards Statements can help to attract new employees and improve staff retention.

Give your employees a bespoke Total Reward Statement to highlight their overall reward package.

Your account manager will work closely with you to create fully employer branded statements that will work hard as a benefits communication tool.

What are the key benefits of total reward statements for your employees?

TRS can be delivered either as an online solution, fully integrated into the RG platform, or as a printed document issued to staff on paper. Here are the benefits of both total reward solutions:

Comet Total Reward Statements Book

Benefits of the printed solution:

  • From design to print, we manage the entire process for you.
  • Highly personalised document containing facts and figures, tables and charts to highlight the full reward package.
  • Bespoke design and flexible solutions to fit any business’s needs.


Additional benefits of the digital solution:

  • Quick and simple, your employees can access their statement instantly and can also access it via their smartphone or tablet device.
  • 24/7 online access to the statement either year round or for a fixed period of time (depending on your choice).
  • Interactive PDF document can be set up to link to other areas of the employee benefits portal, encouraging reciprocal engagement and informing employees of their other benefits options.

Download an Employer’s Information Pack and get a Free Trial.

Reward Gateway Employer Information Pack