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Radical Recruit

Radical Recruit bridges the gap between disadvantaged job seekers and the business world.


Grant Amount: £39,689

United Kingdom



Founded as a CIC (Community Impact Company) in 2019 Radical Recruit bridges the gap between disadvantaged job seekers and the business world. Their innovative, and forward-thinking team employs a values-led approach to sourcing talent and works exclusively with disadvantaged candidates from marginalised communities within London and Greater London.  

Radical Recruit candidates have enormous potential however the reality is that their potential is too often overlooked by mainstream recruiters because they are viewed through a lens of mistrust; perceived as antisocial or lacking the skills to secure and sustain meaningful paid employment. 

They support people who are (but not limited to):

  • from BAME backgrounds
  • refugees that have been granted asylum
  • young (aged 18 to 25) and not in education, employment or training
  • returned veterans
  • returning to work following a criminal conviction
  • single parents (mostly mums so far)
Radical Recruit

Funding Focus

With a £39,689 grant and a close ongoing partnership, Radical Recruit will be able to scale its operations over the next year and deliver its recruitment services to more people from the disadvantaged and marginalised communities which it serves.