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Our culture and values align with our vision and our people. It’s what makes us RG.

Our culture is what drives us

Company culture is more than having a table tennis or foosball table. It’s about how we treat people, how we work together and the shared understanding of values that drive inspiration and innovation for our clients. We see a world where people expect more from work. Where everyone can expect to be challenged, inspired and valued. And this world happens to include a lot of #RGFun along the way.

What we believe

This mission, to make the world a better place to work, led us to create Reward Gateway, the place where we deliver products to connect organizations and their people together. Our products create an opportunity for you to reward, thank, involve, understand, communicate and connect employees with the business. But it’s our creative, passionate people that transform our products into a service employees use, value and love. That’s the magic.

Meet our team

Who we are

We're constantly innovating and questioning the status quo. And as the global leader in HR technology, we take a hard look at our own HR policies probably more than most. One way we’re challenging ourselves is to look at our Diversity & Inclusivity standard, which we’re updating to reflect a broader definition of diversity. But there’s much more to our Diversity story, click the button to below to see why.

Our Diversity and Inclusivity Journey

Why we value our Values

In Summer 2013, we decided that after five years of good service our company values of Innovate, Work Smart, Be Bold and Deliver were due for review. We felt they left something out, something human. They were good but not complete. Volunteers from each department got together to document the Reward Gateway they saw on that day. They produced a set of eight RG values and explained what each meant. The goal was simple – by writing down what was important in our behaviors, we could stay true to them as we grew.

Our values help make our world a better place to work

We have a global Culture Team that evaluates the strength of our values across our organization. Learn more about any one of our values by clicking on them below, or watching our values Rocketship video: