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Recognize and reward your staff with a tailored platform!


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Continuous employee rewards and recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.

Use the Reward Gateway employee rewards and recognition solution to:

  • Appreciate your people with instant employee recognition and reward features like eCards, reward delivery and social recognition.
  • Provide monetary and non-monetary awards so managers can reward teams in various ways to make an impact.
  • Reduce complex administration of heavy reward processes through an easy to use award nomination system, or file uploader system.
  • Make reward redemption easy and flexible with Amazon fulfillment options

Employee Rewards and Recognition includes:

Tailored eCards


Instant award delivery

Peer-to-peer nominations

Customized service awards

"94.5% of our colleagues have said that they feel that they have an appropriate way of rewarding and recognizing one another which is a huge step up for us."

Fiona Furman

Communications Manager at NAHL

Give your employees the rewards they want

Reward Gateway provides an extensive range of reward redemption options, giving your employees the ultimate choices. Employees can self-select experiences, retail items, travel, charitable giving, dining out or other customized redemption option, to ensure your people will always redeem their rewards on something memorable and personal to them.

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Create maximum impact with flexible redemption options

Take advantage of all the redemption options Reward Gateway has to offer including: gift cards, charitable giving, catalog merchandise, non-monetary awards and more. 

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Complement rewards with strategic recognition, on-the-spot awards and more

Delight employees on the days that matter most to them. Schedule and approve recognition in advance, on your own timing, confident they will be delivered on just the right day. Take advantage of the on-demand, manager-to-employee recognition tool to reward team members or peers with instant awards. Support a culture of continuous recognition with eCards in addition to employee rewards. 

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Join more than 1,900 other companies who have chosen Reward Gateway as their rewards provider of choice, including:

Free Guide: Inside Building a Successful Employee Recognition Program

Creating your own employee reward and recognition program needs a delicate balance of tactics to achieve your organization’s individual business goals. Download the template for a tried-and-true example of how to approach your own recognition program to get it right from the start.


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