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Helen Bamber Foundation

Supporting refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced extreme human cruelty, such as torture and human trafficking.


Grant Amount: £40,000

United Kingdom

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Torture, human trafficking and other forms of extreme human cruelty are amongst the most egregious violations of humanity facing the world today. It has been said that torture, and all other forms of human cruelty, is the act of killing a person without them dying. It is the lesser articulated partner to the ‘refugee crisis’ which gripped the media in 2017.

Helen Bamber Foundation’s vision is a world where all survivors of torture, human trafficking and other forms of extreme human cruelty have safety, freedom, and power.


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Funding Focus

The unemployment rate for refugees is approximately 70% compared to a nation-wide unemployment rate of 4%. As survivors of exploitation and abuse, HBF’s clients are even further disadvantaged, having been systematically denied their independence and agency and suffering repeated exploitation, sometimes from a very young age.

This funding will contribute towards the delivery of Helen Bamber Foundations Integration Programme which plays a critical part of their clients’ journeys: going beyond crisis-relief towards long- term recovery.