Download the Reward Gateway Security Pack

At Reward Gateway, we want to ensure our customers can trust us to keep their data secure and private. We understand that customers have due diligence requirements and have created this Security Pack with the aim to answer all your questions and to be as transparent as possible. 

The Pack includes a pre-filled questionnaire spreadsheet, copies of our most frequently requested Policies and Procedures and reports from independent auditors - for our ISO27001 certification and our twice-yearly penetration tests. 

We are always looking to improve our Security Pack and we’d love to be able to get your feedback on it - that’s why we ask you to share your contact details with us, so we can reach out occasionally to get feedback, and provide updates on our Information Security & Privacy practices.

If you're responsible for Information Security and/or Due Diligence at your company, we'd love to keep your contact details on record so we can occasionally contact you for feedback, updates and important notifications.

Yes, I'll provide my detailsNo, I just need the Security Pack