EBRD announce record success with new voluntary benefits scheme, provided by Asperity.

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, the largest financial investor in its field, has seen record engagement in their employee benefits scheme, provided by Asperity Employee Benefits Ltd.

EBRD experienced paramount success with the launch of its employee discounts programme ‘EBDR Staff Discounts’. Since going live, the scheme has increased employee engagement to 82%.

EBRD launched their scheme in 2009, signing on for a 3-year contract with the leading benefits provider. Over the span of the scheme, the company has become one of the most successful adopters of the Reward Gateway platform.

EBRD’s over 1100 employees based predominantly in London, have embraced the benefits scheme, purchasing in large numbers from the over 3000 retailers available through the platform both in-store and online, stimulating over £955,930 of spend.

Employees were recently upgraded to Asperity’s Reward Gateway 4 platform. The latest version showcases a whole list of new features, including ProductFinder™, InsureCompare™ and FastCashback™, all of which have improved usability and increased engagement by EBRD staff.

Stephanie Marks, manager of the ‘EBRD Staff discounts’ scheme, attributes the success to the “accessibility of information available to EBRD employees and their enthusiasm about voluntary benefits. “ “I recently met with EBRD employees to showcase their upgrade to the RG4 platform, and I was bowled over by all of the questions and enthusiasm I was met with.”

As well as enjoying exclusive discounts, EBRD employees are also given chances to win prizes and rewards over their gateway. From October 3rd to 23rd, all employees who register or log on to their Reward Gateway portal have the chance to win an iPod touch, digital camera or £100 voucher of their choice.