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Connect, recognize and support your people wherever and whenever they work

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Use the award-winning Reward Gateway platform to engage your people and power your business with reward, recognition, communications, surveys and more.

Attract and retain employees through:

  • Peer-to-peer and manager-led reward and recognition features that reinforce core values and create a culture of continuous and strategic recognition
  • Tailored communications tools that drive awareness and understanding of important company goals and initiatives
  • Ways to measure progress against engagement through pulse-style surveys and custom survey templates
  • Engagement analytics to help you optimize your R&R, communications and wellbeing strategy, driving employee retention and increased engagement

Reward Gateway's comprehensive employee engagement solution includes:

Employee Reward and Recognition

Employee Communications

Employee Surveys

Employee Discounts

Employee Wellbeing


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Make reward and recognition a central part of your company culture

Our customized reward and recognition program helps create a culture of continuous recognition and appreciation across your entire business. Empower everyone, from your frontline employees to your Leadership Team, line managers and everyone in between to celebrate contributions that drive your business forward through multi-directional reward and recognition that aligns to your mission, values and employer brand.

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Keep your people connected by leveraging employee communications, surveys and more 

Reward Gateway's employee communications tools help bring your company’s mission, purpose and values to life by delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, while boosting awareness of important company news and information. Strategic employee surveys keep leaders up to date on the pulse of the organization and where to focus efforts to maximize workforce engagement and productivity.

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Gain more insight with powerful employee engagement analytics

The Reward Gateway SmartInsights™ Analytics Engine gives HR leaders insight into employee engagement activity that impacts their everyday culture. The suite of interactive dashboards reveal which combination of engagement drivers are having the most influence on culture and business outcomes, while putting real-time, clear and easy-to-understand data into the hands of HR leaders and managers to drive meaningful change.

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NEW RESEARCH: Increasing Employee Engagement through Strategic Recognition

In this research paper, industry analyst Josh Bersin shares detailed success stories of companies that have embraced strategic employee engagement and recognition, and reveal how their adoption of best practices drives measurable improvements to their business results. 

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