I had an interesting conversation with my co-author Glenn today, which really got me thinking.  Throughout our book we’ve been talking about how rebels exist in different companies, industries and geographies, and are doing different rebellious acts.  But . . . don’t they also come in different sizes and shapes?  

Glenn is one shape of rebel and I am another.

Glenn comes from being a Founder & CEO of a company, an entrepreneur and a risk taker.  I come from over 20 years of working in HR roles in global corporate environments, so a completely different approach to risk taking and rebellious acts.

Think of it this way, if the “rebelution” is a running race, Glenn is at least 100 meters (if not more!) ahead of me because he’s been rebellious longer, and it’s more natural to him.  So should I beat myself up for being behind Glenn in the race?  Absolutely not!  As long as I’m on the track, have put on my rebelution t-shirt then I’m succeeding as much as Glenn is.  Actually, I’m probably succeeding a bit more (sorry Glenn), for it was harder for me to even come to the stadium and join the race.

So why am I saying this besides making myself feel better?  It’s because I think it’s absolutely critical for us to understand, admit and manage these differences.  

Define what being rebel means to you personally, and what it means to your company.

 Are they in alignment or does one or the other need to adapt (at least for a little while)?  Also, and just as important, understand where your business leaders and partners are in the rebelution race, for in the same way that a relay team needs to work together, so does your rebelution team.  

My parting words are keep in mind that these differences will only make you stronger.  As we say in the book, diversity in thought and action are what makes us better, so diversity in your inner rebel can and will lead you towards your finish line of an engaged workforce.  

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