This week we hit our first major hurdle on the TGG project.

FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulatory Act) is a piece of legislation passed by the Indian Government in 2010. It regulates the entry of foreign donations or contributions to NGO’s and charities in the country.  

This is because the central government wants to restrict the activities of NGO’s which it believes are not helping to progress economic development.

TGG Foundation doesn’t currently have FCRA registration.   

Laiju (TGG’s Chairman) submitted their application for FCRA mid-2016, very soon after news of the grant to build a Rural Development Hub was announced. Once the application was submitted there was no way for us to be able to monitor its progress or find out if we had missed anything.   

We just hit submit and held our breath... for three months!

In early June we received an email. The application was rejected. The explanation simply read “as approved, case refused”. Basically, the charity hasn’t been operating long enough.  

Our role in this project is really to help TGG Foundation manage it alongside the charities’ many other activities, and to document the successes and failures for RG Foundation.

The first hurdle (and it’s a biggie) is getting the grant money to TGG Foundation in India from a foreign organisation – RG Foundation.

We have hit our first road block.