Background and context

The Golden Greens (TGG) Foundation is a rural development charity based in Kerala, India. In rural areas of India, women are much more likely to work in agricultural jobs than men, they are also more likely to get paid less for the work they do. TGG Foundation is on a mission to empower the rural community in India through livelihood creation with a focus on at risk groups like women and young people. Despite being in its infancy, TGG's activities are broad and include a tailoring workshop, sustainable farming and virgin coconut oil production.

Project focus

The grant from RG Foundation will fund the construction of a Rural Development Hub, which will act as a permanent brick-and-mortar home for TGG Foundation, as well as provide more working opportunities for people in the local community. Once fully completed, the Rural Development Hub will provide livelihood opportunities, fair levels of pay, opportunities for skills development and good working conditions to the local community in Wayanad, Kerala. Most of the working opportunities will be provided to women in the area giving them an alternative source of income to farm labouring.

Grant amount


Breakdown of funds

  • $10,500 land acquisition
  • $1,000 building design and permissions
  • $3,000 land development
  • $29,000 construction costs
  • $1,500 staff costs

Success measures

  • Completion of construction by June 2018.
  • An additional 5 employment opportunities created through the Rural Development Hub
  • Self Help Group affiliated with TGG Foundation to exceed 10 members and thus qualify for Provident Fund and Health Insurance.

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