Background and context

The fashion industry is the 2nd most environmentally damaging on earth.  It is also renowned for being one of the most exploitative sectors especially in the developing world and especially to women. India’s garment and textile sector employs roughly 45 million workers and is poorly regulated. Vulnerable workers, nearly three quarters of them women, have limited or no legal protection and often find themselves victims of exploitation and abuse.

WYNAD Clothing is a UK based clothing social enterprise set up in 2016. They are on a mission to address gender inequality in India through sustainable fashion.  The business plans to do this by collaborating with a network of Fair Trade, ethical suppliers and by supporting the women empowerment projects of TGG Foundation. 10% of every sale made will support women empowerment projects in rural India.

Project focus

RG Foundation's grant will fund a new summer collection from WYNAD Clothing along with a relaunch of the brand in April 2018. Over the 9 month duration of the project WYNAD will research and design a summer collection for sale online. 

The WYNAD Clothing project will demonstrate the lifecycle of an ethical clothing business from research, design, supplier network, training, production, marketing and launch. Upon completion, WYNAD clothing will have established a network of Fair Trade supply partners, provide training and development to a team of seamstresses in rural Wayanad and be able to continue to grow the business through sales.

Grant amount


Breakdown of funds

  • $5,000 Research, design and sampling
  • $8,000 Production and shipping
  • $9,000 Marketing & PR
  • $4,000 Brand launch
  • $4,000 Training and Development

Success measures

  • Identify network of suppliers who can aid WYNAD Clothing in their mission.
  • Design, sample and manufacture a collection of at least 15 different garments for sale in the UK.
  • Successful relaunch of the brand in London during Fashion Revolution Week, April 2018.
  • Training programme at TGG Foundation's Women Empowerment Centre, Wayanad.
  • Generate enough sales from the first round of production to invest in new designs and look to grow the WYNAD team in the UK.