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Discover an employee engagement solution to connect, recognize and support your people, whenever and where ever they work.


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How can you build and improve employee engagement?

Engaged employees are proven to make better decisions, be more productive and innovate more, creating true value for your organization and outperforming your competitors.

Learn more about the Reward Gateway solution, including:

  • Peer-to-peer and manager-led reward and recognition features to reinforce core values and create a culture of continuous and strategic recognition
  • Tailored communications tools to drive awareness and understanding of important company goals and initiatives
  • Ways to measure progress against engagement through pulse-style surveys and custom survey templates
  • Unique employee discounts platform that helps your employees save money
  • Wellbeing solutions that support your team's physical, mental and financial wellbeing

Reward Gateway's comprehensive employee engagement solution includes:

Employee Reward and Recognition

Employee Communications

Employee Surveys

Employee Discounts

Employee Wellbeing

"Our ability to provide the best possible service for our customers is clearly related to our employee culture and work environment. Reward Gateway’s solutions allow our teams to communicate, share and learn from best practices." -David Sanderson, SVP of Human Resources

David Sanderson

SVP of Human Resources

Connect, recognize and support your people

Use an all-in-one, customized platform that includes recognition, internal communications, surveys, employee discounts and more to keep employees engaged regardless of where they work.

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Boost visibility on the things that matter

Quickly and easily maintain internal communications by scheduling content updates and targeting specific groups of employees to deliver the most relevant messages at the right time to the right audience. Pull double-duty with your platform by centralizing recognition and communications in one place to promote employee success across all levels of the organization.

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Use engagement data to demonstrate ROI

Leverage your visual dashboards of employee engagement analytics to measure key performance indicators of engagement and identify areas for improvement. 

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Join more than 2,500 other companies who have chosen Reward Gateway as their employee engagement provider of choice, including:

Free eBook: Your Guide to Choosing a Reward and Recognition Solution

Download our guide to learn the seven essential steps to creating and launching a successful R&R program to motivate and retain your people.

Your Guide to Choosing a Reward and Recognition Solution

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