Client Welcome Webinar

Thursday, 20th October, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Welcome to the Reward Gateway family! Whether you're a new client of Reward Gateway or you've taken over the management of your organisation's Reward Gateway platform, today is a day to ensure you're aware of all the people, tools and resources available to support you on your employee engagement journey.

Now that you've launched your platform and you're leveraging the features that connect, support and recognise your employees, the Reward Gateway team wants to share all the ways we can work together to give you what you need to achieve your employee engagement goals.

Attend this 1-hour online event to:

  • Learn more about Reward Gateway's mission to "Make the World a Better Place to Work"
  • Understand how we help you build an employee engagement strategy with whatever resources you have and wherever you are on your journey
  • See how engagement analytics impact your reward, recognition and communication strategy
  • Gain inspiration from the success stories of other Reward Gateway clients, and hear the opportunities to be recognised and celebrate your success

Register now to save your spot. We're excited to see you there!