WEBINAR: Uncovering the business impact of your benefits package

Appreciating your employees in a way that brings organisational value

Securing the buy-in you need for your HR projects and engagement initiatives can often be the biggest, and most frustrating, part of the job for people leaders. While we all know the value of our employee engagement programmes, providing tangible results and the value of your EVP to the key decision makers within your business can be challenging.

That’s why in our upcoming webinar, we’ll explore our latest and most insightful report yet, The Economic Value Study. Researching over 300 of the world’s leading businesses, this report establishes a clear and quantifiable line between employee engagement and business success, going one step further to identify the key HR solutions and levers that power this correlation.

So join us on 27th June 2024 at 1pm as our very own Director of Client Cultural Insights, Alex Powell is on hand to take us through the report and its findings. Alex will explore:

  • The direct correlation between employee engagement and business performance, and how leaders in engagement can see business growth of 5-7%
  • A review of the benefits packages most proven to drive growth for both people and organisations
  • How we can overcome the challenges and frustrations of securing buy-in by providing the tangible results of our people projects to the boardroom
  • The quantifiable impact of a benefits package that suits all the needs of your employees and appreciates them on every level
  • Actionable strategies on how to build the perfect programme for your company, workforce and industry.