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The HR Priority Report

In a landscape where employees are feeling increasingly stressed, burnt out and disconnected from their organisations, aligning HR priorities with employee needs and business goals has never been more important, or more challenging. The HR Priority Report presents insight into the latest trends influencing work for HR in 2024, with an exploration of current obstacles and opportunities. Download our report to discover how you can reshape focus, rethink leadership and revamp technology to drive your goals in 2024.    

Employee retention is a crucial challenge



have considered leaving their job in the last six months.

Top 3 reasons why Brits are leaving their jobs: 

Poor pay
Being overworked
Lack of recognition


say that reward and recognition is a must-have from a potential new employer.

Boosting engagement and productivity is a business imperative.

Top 3 drivers of employee productivity:

Fulfilling job responsibilities
A strong and supportive manager/leader
Receiving recognition and awards

HR and employee priorities aren’t aligned

While 60% of HR managers state mental wellbeing is the area their employer needs to prioritise, only 53% of employees agree

- Mental wellbeing

60% of employees think their organisation needs to prioritise financial wellbeing - something only 55% of HR managers agree on

- Financial wellbeing

62% of HR managers say that employees are consistently recognised for their work, but only 52% of employees agree – a significant 10% disparity.

- Recognition

For more insights on how UK employees are feeling in 2024 and the potential blind spots HR have, download The HR Priority Report

The future of HR as data driven leaders in


Unveiling the key trends influencing employee engagement and wellbeing, The HR Priority Report also explores the prominent role that technology and automation are playing and the crucial transformation that will drive HR and business success in 2024.

Join us in shaping a future where employees thrive, and organisations excel. 



The HR Priority Report seeks to offer a look at key HR goals alongside an exploration of the expectations, sentiments and wellbeing of employees by engaging employees and HR managers across various UK industries.

Survey distribution

We conducted an online survey involving over 2,026 employees, and 1,001 HR managers across the UK. These cohorts spanned different generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, and workforce types including office-based, hybrid, remote, deskless and frontline.

Survey timeline

The survey was conducted from 21st January to 30th January 2024.