Getting around a tight budget to thank, support and motivate employees this holiday season

Most people might think October is premature to be thinking about the annual Christmas party, but anyone who has had to organise an all-staff end-of-year celebration knows it’s never too early to start planning. But with a limited ability to gather, eat, drink and hit the dance floor together, the challenge this year isn’t getting a venue or caterer booked in on time but answering the questions of whether, when or how to celebrate.

"With employee morale and operational budgets running thin, the traditional office Christmas party or end-of-year bonus might not be an option, but you can still end the year with a bang by providing your people with a gift that keeps on giving throughout the festive season — and beyond."

And with so many business owners and managers looking for creative ways to thank and support employees after a challenging year, now is a perfect opportunity to organise a benefits and recognition program that you can launch in time for Christmas (well, you can actually launch it today if you want!).

Introducing our small business employee engagement package to make your Christmas merry

Reward Gateway for Small Business  offers companies a great package to engage employees cost-effectively. This is an opportunity to amplify employees’ salaries and boost morale and productivity. We offer a 1-month free trial, so why not sign up and invite your colleagues. Here's a little more about what's included in your package:


Help stretch employees' salaries further

An annual bonus might be out of the picture, but you can stretch disposable income with exclusive discounts at hundreds of retailers. Our unbeatable employee discounts will have a balance of everyday savings on things like groceries and petrol as well as big-ticket items like computers and home goods.

At a time when household budgets are under more strain than ever before, imagine how your people will feel if you can lighten the load by providing your people the opportunity to save on their Christmas gifts, food, alcohol, and even a local getaway over the summer holidays.

Enhance physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing

The blur between work and home life makes it all the more difficult to manage stress and develop healthy habits, but don’t have to move the earth to create a holistic wellbeing strategy. You can start by providing a dedicated employee wellbeing centre with hundreds of resources to improve employees wellbeing — from on-demand access to healthy recipes, mindfulness sessions and exercise videos, to financial education and tools to complement your employee discounts offering.


Cultivate celebration and connection

Recognising contribution, progress and impact not only boosts morale, it can help create a culture of appreciation and growth. Use our peer-to-peer employee recognition tools to provide everyday opportunities to help employees recognise each other for their amazing work.

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Make this year one to remember - for all the right reasons

There is nothing quite like the joy and excitement on the face of someone who’s just opened the best gift. Launching your program in time for Christmas gives you the opportunity to build excitement with your people. Ready to thank, support and motivate your employees?

Sign up for a 1-month free trial of Reward Gateway for Small Business and we’ll show you how you can recognise and reward employees with affordable benefits.

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