How to retain star employees

  • Our own research has highlighted that more than 70% of employees agree that motivation and morale would improve if managers simply said 'thank you' more often. By telling them, 'I see you and I appreciate what you do.', we also have an opportunity to cultivate productivity and motivation.

  • Having reward and recognition tools that connect employees to thousands of behaviours that drive success for your business all through the year can embed the values and behaviours your business needs to thrive. Your top performers are key to that success.

  • We like to call these top performers your company’s 'ambassadors,' as part of the Employee Engagement Quadrant. There are many versions of this quadrant, but we believe at Reward Gateway that it’s likely your employees fall into one of the following categories: 

the employee engagement quadrant

"Your ambassadors are your stars. These employees not only enjoy their job and consistently deliver high-quality work, they are also loyal to the company and make decisions based on the long-term good and survival of the broader team or group."

They focus on a constructive (not destructive!) approach to questioning management directives or current processes, and bring a positive attitude that brings up the people around them. 

employee retention programmes

Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation for your star employees: 

Recognise them! You can send a note of thank you via employee reward and recognition tools and connect their actions to a value, and describe how their contributions are meaningful for the business as a whole.

Use technology to amplify those nitty-gritty moments of success that would otherwise be forgotten, and shine a spotlight on a team or individual with a real-time social feed. This is especially helpful if others can "like" and comment on the sent recognition to that individual. 

Give them an extra bonus or reward to spend on something they’ll truly appreciate. You may not feel comfortable giving your employee a bottle of champagne or picking out a personal gift, so give them the gift of choice by offering a monetary voucher that they can redeem at the retailer they truly want.

Involve them in strategic business conversations, and let them have a voice. A Salesforce report revealed that employees who feel their voice is heard at work are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. Consider bringing them in as a guest to higher-level meetings they may not normally be a part of for a new, valuable perspective for them to feel extra special
  • Identifying your top performers and finding innovative ways to retain them can help your business thrive.

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