Stand out from the competition by stretching your employees' salaries

Talent scarcity, rising living costs and pay cost constraints create a complex environment for People leaders. In a competitive landscape, it's key to show your employees financial support in order to stand out and stretch your employees’ salaries further. 

Join Kylie Green, SVP of Consultancy at Reward Gateway, Joy Adan, Content Journalist at Reward Gateway and Maree Phillips, Director of People and Culture APAC at Insight, as they discuss how HR Changemakers are utilising innovative benefits to enhance their Employee Value Proposition and gain a competitive edge. Watch our latest webinar to discover how to:

  • Turn your HR budget challenges into an opportunity to add value and showcase your HR team as innovative business partners.

  • Make a positive impact on employee engagement and overall EVP during end-of-year reviews, even with stagnant wage growth.

  • Boost employee income by 10%, for less than 0.1% of payroll through benefits.

  • Build the business case for engagement initiatives.

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