An intoduction to Instant Awards

Find out more about Intstant Awards and watch a quick overview video

What are Instant Awards?
Instant Awards are similar to our eCards, but you’re able to attach a monetary value to each Award which can be redeemed by the employee on  Reward Hub at a large list of retailers. This gives employees more choice in how they spend their hard-earned Award. 

Where can I find them and how do they work?
Only Admin users will be able to send Awards and they are very simple to use. As an Admin, head to your Recognition Wall, where you would usually send an eCard, and you’ll now see an option under the name bar to ‘Send Award’ as well as send an eCard. To send an award, choose the ‘Send Award’ option, enter your employee’s name (you can choose multiple employees if you want to send the same Award to more than one person), choose a card and write your personal message. Next, select a monetary value that you feel is appropriate and click send! Please note, that you’ll only be able to send Awards to employees already registered on your Reward Hub. Watch our quick video below to see how easy it is to send an Award now. 

How will I be charged for Instant Awards?
Your payment card that is used to pay for your Reward Hub subscription will be automatically debited with the amount of your Award(s). So, there’s no need to upload any money in advance and you’ll receive a receipt by email for your accounts - easy!

How does the employee know they have received an Award?
Once you’ve clicked ‘send’, the employee will receive an email letting them know that they have received an award and will be encouraged to log into Reward Hub to view and redeem it. There will also be an alert waiting for them on Reward Hub the next time they log in, just in case they miss the email. 

How do employees redeem their Award?
Redeeming an Award is simple. Once the employee has clicked through and logged into Reward Hub they will be taken to their Award. Here they see an option to ‘Claim Award’ at the top. When they click this they will be taken to a page with lots of retailers available to choose from where they will be able to claim their Award!

Watch our quick video about how to send Instant Awards below