Offering holistic support to reduce burnout

In the midst of cost of living pressures and record levels of burnout, employers are leaning on new ways to care for employees. But the keys to providing support and reducing the risk of employee burnout are clear.

In a recent Reward Gateway study, more than 80% of UK employees said it was important for employers to provide wellbeing tools and resources, and 65% of employees believe their employer needs to do more to make the workforce connected. Employers must learn how to adjust what they are already doing to continue to support their workforce to drive their business - and their best people - forward. 

 In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How employee needs are evolving and how that’s shifting expectations around wellbeing support from employers
  • How you can support employees’ financial wellbeing during the current cost of living crisis (outside of pay increases)
  • Tactics to improve employee mental wellbeing through technology and adjustments to your current benefits
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