WEBINAR: 15 Benefits to Truly Make a Difference in 2024

Wednesday, 14th February, 1-2pm GMT

How to make an impact with your benefits and support evolving employee needs

With evolving attitudes surrounding work-life balance, a heightened cost of living still taking its toll, and employee expectations at an all-time high, it’s never been more important - or more necessary - for employers to provide a quality benefits programme that truly supports and makes a positive impact on employee wellbeing.

As 72% of UK employees reveal they would use any financial rewards received from their workplace for essentials rather than luxuries, it's up to HR to keep up to speed with the changing needs of their workforce in 2024. By identifying and introducing a benefits package that meets these needs and makes a difference in the day-to-day life of your employees, you can support the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of your teams and reinforce an EVP that drives your goals.

Join Reward Gateway’s next webinar to explore the changing role of benefits in the workplace, identify how to build the business case for a renewed benefits strategy and provide 15 of the best-in-class incentives to stretch income, boost productivity and drive employee engagement. 

Tune in on Wednesday 14th February to discover:

  • The new expectations on employers and their benefits programmes
  • How HR can go above and beyond in supporting employee wellbeing without breaking the bank
  • The tangible business case for a generous benefits package

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