Minding the Appreciation Gap

We've been sharing for a while now that when people are appreciated and valued for who they are in the workplace, they are 43% more effective.

But has been less clear in the past is the significant gap that our research has uncovered between what HR leaders in the UK currently believe most positively impacts the employee experience and what actually makes the biggest difference – appreciation.

So, dive into our latest eBook from Reward Gateway | Edenred's Chief Appreciation Officer, Nebel Crowhurst, to discover how to navigate the missed opportunities facing UK organisations, as well as:

  • The true meaning of appreciation and its all-encompassing role within the employee experience
  • The impact appreciation can have on driving individual and organisational growth.
  • How organisations can appreciate their people by supporting their wide ranging needs through the Total Employee Experience pyramid 
  • An exploration of the key HR solutions and levers proven to drive employee appreciation.

Simply fill in the form to get your copy of the eBook and see how you can bridge the appreciation gap and drive growth for both your people and your organisation.