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Employee Benefits and Engagement Tools!

Employee Benefits and Engagement Tools that help you attract, engage and retain your people

Innovative companies are recognising the positive impact that an employee benefits and engagement program can have on their bottom line.

We'd love to chat about your employee benefit and engagement goals and how we can support you to:

Unify your workforce by creating a sense of community with one centralised platform that includes all company, HR and employee benefits information. Stretch your employees income by providing access to unbeatable discounts at leading retailers, and introduce employee recognition to embed company values and positively reinforce behaviour. Deliver bespoke, segmented and tailored communications for maximum reinforcement of your employer brand.

Join more than 1,800 other companies who have chosen Reward Gateway as their employee benefits company of choice, including:

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Boost employee engagement: Centralise your company's employee benefits, discounts, recognition, and communications!


Enhance EVP and Attract Quality Employees


Boost Staff Engagement and Loyalty

Reinforce Your Employer Brand


Become an Employer of Choice

"With the introduction of our communications platform, The KK Mixer, we’ve transitioned our HR communications to a branded, culture-driven platform that employees love engaging with. And as they’re engaging with the platform, they’re learning more. About the company, and about how they can make it a better place to work."

Sally Park

Head of People at Krispy Kreme

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FREE eBOOK: 6 Steps to Launch a Successful Employee Benefits Program

Launching an employee benefits program like employee discounts can help improve your Employee Value Proposition and show your people appreciation in new ways that they’ll love. Learn how to launch your own benefit program in this eBook with expert advice.