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Strategies and tools for HR Leaders
to navigate COVID-19 challenges

HR leaders have moved quickly to focus on critical employee needs and to help employees adapt to new ways of working. The time to connect, recognise and support your people has never been more important. To help, our dedicated teams are working closely with HR and business leaders to deliver employee engagement solutions to keep your people feeling motivated, recognised, active and engaged.

Let us help you:



Keep teams feeling informed and connected in real-time, whether they're on the frontlines or working from home

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Showcase recognition of progress to maintain motivation, momentum and boost team spirit


Extend families' disposable incomes and provide physical, mental and financial wellbeing resources

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Connect employees with real-time communications

Keep all employees (remote and frontline) informed by hosting blogs, videos or dedicated content pages. Leaders can create video or blog updates to increase visibility and connection to your mission, your business and one another, during times of uncertainty. Employees can access all communications on a smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop computer – making information available anywhere, anytime in one centralised place. Boost your communications with the Connect+ app to deliver real-time communications, recognition feeds, and alerts via push notifications.

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Recognise individuals for their contributions

We know that what gets recognised gets repeated. Showcase your people living your values or behaviours, and highlight individual and team achievements with meaningful moments of recognition. This can help remote employees feel appreciated when they may be feeling isolated, and allow you to acknowledge employees who are making sacrifices on the front lines. Amplify the recognition moments with a real-time social feed of recognition – because visibility matters

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Support financial, physical and mental wellbeing

Support employees facing uncertainty and new work environments with tools that improve financial, physical and mental wellbeing. Make essential purchases easier, and extend disposable income on everyday purchases through an employee discounts platform. Plus, provide your employees with helpful resources including hundreds of expert-led videos, articles, tips and tools on the key pillars of wellbeing.

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Expert Implementation and Success Teams on standby to support today

Our mission is to “make the world a better place to work.” Now, more than ever, we want to partner with you to help make your world a better place to work, in any way we can.

Helene Prat

Head of People and Culture

“Having The Hive has really made a difference – it has been quicker and easier for us to reach our teams, and we could communicate a lot of information without our people feeling overloaded with a lot of corporate emails. Pairing this with reward and recognition, and seeing our people use the Wellbeing Centre means our goals to support our people, keep them informed, and share the love are all well on track.”