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An internal communications platform to connect your people wherever and however they work

Today it's harder than ever to help all employees (including remote and frontline employees) feel in the know and connected to the company – and even more so to one another. Reward Gateway's internal communications platform helps bring your company’s mission, purpose and values to life by delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, while boosting awareness of important company news and information.

The one internal communications platform your employees need to stay up to date and engaged

Boost engagement with company news, benefits, moments of recognition and everything else which makes your company stand out as a great place to work. Our platform helps you:

deliver company updates

Tell your unique company story

Help bring your mission, purpose and values to life through blogs, photos and videos from your people

reach remote employees

Reach everyone, everywhere

Feel confident that important company news and updates are seen and read by your people, wherever they are

communicate benefits

Maximise benefits uptake

Increase awareness and drive uptake of employee benefits and HR programs with segmented content delivered to your people

Powerful communication tools that engage your people wherever and however they work

Make employee engagement more meaningful with interactive and easy-to-use tools which help employees feel more connected – and excited! – than ever before. Our solution includes everything you need to get started:

Customised blogs and content pages


Social features

Tools to schedule, segment content

Connect everyone with timely and relevant content

Get everyone on the same page by hosting leadership blogs about strategic updates, publishing videos that can be easily viewed on any device, and creating web pages that go in-depth about important company information. Plus, your employees can access our platform on a smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop – making information available anywhere, anytime.

Create a personalised employee experience 

Whether you need to segment communications for different locations, job roles, business units, or any other demographics you want to target, our solution quickly and easily helps you deliver relevant messages to each segment of your workforce. Imagine a different homepage specifically for new starters, your satellite offices or frontline employees, all uniquely versioned to only showcase what they need, and nothing more... what could be better?


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“One of the biggest benefits for us has been the ability to cut through the noise that’s in people’s inboxes or instant chats. To have that one people platform where employees could get all their information has made it so much easier for us to connect with everyone. 'Launchpad' was as much an investment in employee engagement as it was in communications.”

People Experience Manager at MNF Group (now Symbio)

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