Integrate Reward Gateway with the apps your people already use

There are multiple platforms, apps and logins which are involved in a person’s everyday life. In one of our recent surveys 90 percent of HR leaders said integrating their HR technology is a top priority. Our goal is to connect with your existing technology to seamlessly support a culture of engagement.

Here are the types of integrations we offer, and a sampling of the dozens of integrations you can use to enhance the Reward Gateway platform experience:

HRIS & Directory

Extract data from existing systems.

workday-og-theme Ping-Identity-OG MSazure algorithmInbound SFTP 
2000px-BambooHR_logo.svg scim Namely  


Push, publish and share

Reach your teams wherever and however they work.

RSS Feeds

microsoft-teams yapster-logo



Further instructions
for Slack


One-click access

Simplify work, safely and securely.

facebook LinkedIn gsuite-logo Bitium
Namely duo logo algorithmInbound SAML  



Ensure privacy, security and efficiency.

1200px-Okta_logo.svg Bitium Ping-Identity-OG 2000px-Google_2015_logo.svg-1


adfs onelogin

Outbound connections (Third party vendors)

Extend your reach.

neyber tredz vantage circle zenith solium
myagi Legal _ General Kallidus HealthShield Capita


Open API

Improve the platform experience by using our open API to connect their systems to the Reward Gateway platform to automate and improve employee onboarding journeys, and to link Reward Gateway employee alerts to other systems so that no critical information is missed.  If you're interested in more information about how to partner with us to build an integration, get in touch with us. 
Explore the API