Reward Gateway platform integrations

At Reward Gateway, we know that there are multiple platforms, apps and logins which are involved in a person's everyday life – including in the world of HR. Our clients have an ecosystem of varied platforms and applications available for their people and it’s crucial to connect with them all to create the best user experience. 

We know every client is different and certain integrations are more important to some than others, however, each of our integrations has one goal in mind – to make the experience easier and more seamless for our clients and their people. 

Integrations available include:

  • Connecting other systems for easy, automatic transfer of data to our system.

  • Seamlessly publishing content from your blogs or social wall to your intranet or TV screens. 

  • Integrating apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google for easy, one-click login.

Current Integrations:

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Coming soon:

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