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The Workplace Engagement Index

Employee engagement and workplace productivity are the top priorities for Australian HR leaders in 2024. The Workplace Engagement Index uncovers the current state of employee engagement in Australia, revealing key differences across generations and workforces, and what really drives productivity and retention.

Employee retention is a crucial challenge



have considered leaving their job in the last six months

Top 3 reasons why Aussies are leaving their jobs

Being overworked
Poor pay
Lack of recognition


say they would consider staying with their current employer if they received more recognition

Boosting engagement and productivity is a business imperative

Top 3 drivers of employee productivity

Fulfilling job responsibilities
A strong and supportive manager/leader
Receiving recognition and awards

What employees are saying

“When employees are mentally well, they are more likely to be motivated, focused, and creative in their work. It also helps create a positive work environment where people feel supported and valued. By prioritising mental wellbeing, employers can reduce stress, burnout, and absenteeism, leading to better job satisfaction and retention.”

- Gen Z

“I think most times it is taken for granted that the worker should be happy having a job, but in my experience as a manager productivity is higher and staff are happier when they are told that their hard work is appreciated.”

- Baby Boomer

“As a manager myself continually recognising and rewarding my team, I would like to sometimes see that in the reverse.”

- Gen X

For more insights on how Aussie employees are feeling in 2024, download
The Workplace Engagement Index.

The future of HR in


Unveiling key insights into the state of employee engagement in Australia, The Workplace Engagement Index reveals the crucial components that will drive HR and business success in 2024.

Join us in shaping a future where employees thrive, and organisations excel.



The Workplace Engagement Index seeks to offer insights into the overall workplace environment, expectations, sentiments and wellbeing of employees by engaging employees and HR managers across various industries in Australia.

Survey distribution

We conducted an online survey involving over 1,000 employees across 14 disciplines, and 1,000 HR managers in Australia. These cohorts spanned different generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, and workforce types including office-based, hybrid, remote, deskless and frontline.

Survey timeline

The survey was conducted from 15th December 2023 to 7th January 2024.

Index calculation

The Workplace Engagement Index is designed to gauge Australian employees' engagement regarding their employers' initiatives, programs and efforts. Focused on four pillars — connection and belonging, personal and professional wellbeing, leadership and management, and understanding employee needs — the index assigns weights to each pillar based on the perceived importance to employees. Using a predetermined list of 22 attributes across these pillars, respondents rate their companies, and the ratings per attribute are averaged within each pillar. The assigned weights are then added to calculate the total index.