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Just three months after launch, McDonald’s announced record success with Reward Gateway, having exceeded £2 million spend and over £100,000 in savings for employees.

Read the McDonalds Case Study

Faced with redundancies, pay cuts, and a failing benefits provider, the team at BCC had a real challenge to overcome low morale and low employee engagement.

Read the Birmingham CC Case Study

Having had a previous discounts provider in the past that didn’t work as planned, Groupon’s HR team launched the Reward Gateway programme ‘G-Savers’ in February 2013, and has seen engagement  rocket to 60% in 6 months.

Read the Groupon Case Study

Ladbrokes had offered employee discounts before, but engagement was low at just 5%. The decision was made to update and rebrand their programme, and ClubLadbrokes was successfully relaunched in September 2008

Read the Ladbrokes Case Study

In this testimonial video, hear Yahoo! employees in the UK talking about how much they love having Reward Gateway provided for them by their HR & Benefits team.

Watch: Yahoo Video Case Study

In this webinar recorded at Benefits Excellence Live in January 2014, hear Paul Coleman, Head of Reward at Unilever talk about the issues Unilever faced, the strategy and his execution in detail.

Watch: Unilever Video Case Study

In this webinar recorded at Benefits Excellence Live in January 2014, hear Sean Connor, Head of HR talk about the strategy and execution in detail.

Watch: Derbyshire F&R Video Case Study

Emily Austin talks about why she chose Reward Gateway as a solution that was low HR admin, would be valued by employees, and something that they would be able to build on in future.

Watch: Hertfordshire CC Video Case Study

Linda discusses how the perceived value of Reward Gateway to employees is much higher than the cost to the employer. Key in her talk, is how they involved employees in creating the programme.

Watch: Citation Video Case Study

Victoria Johnson, Senior HR Officer at BMT Defence Services, talks about the reasons she chose Reward Gateway, the implementation period, and, in particular, their Holiday Trading programme.

Watch: BMT Video Case Study

Welcome Break have achieved 61% engagement with their programme, which is a huge increase on their previous provider. They have successfully managed to break down the negative perception of the programme amongst employees.

Read the Welcome Break Case Study

Curzon secured investment for growth and therefore needed to adapt to the marketplace and do something to attract and retain staff. This case study looks at the minimal cost of Reward Gateway compared with other benefits versus its perceived value amongst employees.

Watch: Curzon Cinemas Video Case Study

Wiltshire County Council discusses how they demonstrated the return on investment for voluntary benefits and how they convinced the groups that these benefits would improve their service provision by motivating and engaging staff.

Watch: Wiltshire CC Video Case Study

Find out why Grant Thornton implemented Reward Gateway alongside flex benefits, the impact it has had on their employees and Sophie’s top tips for building a business case for benefits.

Watch: Grant Thornton Video Case Study

Find out more about how Hastings Direct came to win an award for their proactivity and hear some tips for communicating with employees and raising awareness of the benefits package.

Watch: Hasting Direct Video Case Study

Find out more about Specsavers’ award winning communications strategy and hear Mary Jane’s tips for relaunching an employee benefit programme.

Watch: Specsavers Video Case Study

Find out more about how YHA have come to win multiple industry awards for their benefits initiatives and communications strategy.

Watch: YHA Video Case Study

Watch this video to find out why Interfleet chose to move away from a traditional flex programme and their plans for implementing their new programme.

Watch: Interfleet Technology Video Case Study

In this video find out more why BAM Construct chose to implement Reward Gateway, how they launched the programme in less than 3 weeks, and the results they have seen.

Watch: BAM Construct Video Case Study

Heineken USA has a rich suite of benefits, but couldn’t access them flexibly, and wanted a new integrated portal that they could access on computers, tablets, and smartphones – anywhere, at any time.

Read the Heineken Case Study

Yahoo! needed an employee engagement solution that was low cost and high impact, to cement their company values and keep their workforce onside during a period of uncertainty and change.

Read the Yahoo Case Study

With staff distributed over multiple locations, Caterpillar also needed a way to unify its workforce and strengthen the relationship between employer and employee.

Read the Caterpillar Case Study

Reward Gateway offered Discovery the opportunity to create a benefits brand and tailored hub to host information, tools and advice about all their benefits in one place, easing access for employees.

Read the Discovery Case Study

Happy Customers

Just a few of the 1000+ companies that are delighted with Reward Gateway.

Mcdonalds Employee Engagement Testimonial
“Our people tell us it is one of the things they value really strongly in their benefits package. It is a central pillar of how to engage employees.”

Jez Langhorn - HR Director, McDonalds

Reward Gateway Clients in United States

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