How to integrate Slack with your Reward Gateway platform

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The Reward gateway platform integrates with dozens of different systems to save HR and IT teams valuable time while providing a better experience for the end user. 

Here's how it works: 

  • To enable the Slack integration, clients need to log into Reward Manager, go to the Integration Dashboard, and search for “Slack” under the “Explore Integrations” tab. 
  • Select the integration and turn it “On” using the toggle button in the top right-hand side and then follow instructions on the setup.
  • Give the Slack integration a meaningful name to reflect what it does so that it is easier to spot on the Integration Dashboard. 

For more details on how to integrate Slack with Reward Gateway, visit this page or get in touch with your Client Success Manager. 

Please note: Before Reward Gateway can access a Slack Workspace, clients must first grant access. To do this, they should select the "Authorize your Slack Account" button. 

Here's an example of the Reward Gateway integration dashboard: 


To visit our full library of integrations, please visit