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Give your employees the ultimate choice and flexibility in their reward redemption experience.

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Bring your culture to life with rewards as unique as your people

Deliver an end-to-end reward experience that delights your employees with award options unique to your people and organization. Our Reward Marketplace allows you to create and offer one-of-a-kind rewards for memorable and meaningful moments. Imagine offering rewards such as: best parking spot in the lot, lunch with the CEO or branded company swag. The possibilities are endless!

Tailored rewards, made exclusively for your people

Custom Rewards help employees feel valued and appreciated in ways they won’t find at any other organization by delivering:

Personalised custom rewards


With rewards designed to fit the individual needs of your people

Training together

Flexibility of offerings

Gift experiences, corporate merchandise, services, training and more

Gift options

Expanded choice

Give employees even more to choose by adding Custom Rewards to existing gift options

Make it easy to create memorable and meaningful reward moments for your people

Our Custom Rewards feature includes:


for end-to-end management

Segmented options

for different teams or departments

Special tile design

for your Custom Rewards


and redemption process

If you can dream it, you can redeem it

There’s no limit to what you can create with Custom Rewards. Show your people you understand their unique needs and interests both in and out of work. Consider offering professional development rewards, or indulge your pet owners with a special treat basket for their dog or cat. It’s a great way to make your employees feel valued and appreciated!

Highlight your special charity or cause

Feature your special charity, cause or foundation a Custom Reward option to allow employees to donate their award dollars or points. Give employees a sense of purpose and belonging as they make a positive impact on your company’s social and environmental commitments, all fostered through company rewards.


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"94.5% of our colleagues have said that they feel that they have an appropriate way of rewarding and recognizing one another, which is a huge step up for us."

Communications Manager at NAHL

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