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Improve Employee Value Proposition

Find low-cost ideas for employee engagement

Connect employees to mission and purpose

Address employee feedback survey

Reduce employee churn

Improve internal communications

Introduce/showcase employee benefits

Show recognition for high-performing teams/individuals

Showcase company culture and values

Engagement Platform

Employee Discounts

Employee Recognition

Employee Wellbeing

Salary Sacrifice

Employee Communications

Small-medium business

Corporate business

Enterprise business

Recognition and Communications Platform Helps Company Engage 100% of Largely Isolated Workforce

Employee Benefits Platform Helps Increase Engagement and Improve Communication

Employee Engagement Platform Helps Organisation Increase its Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee Benefits Platform Helps Organisation Stand Out as a Top Employer in the Market

Use Reward and Recognition to Unite its Workforce and Reinforce its Mission, Purpose and Values

Use Employee Benefits and Reward and Recognition to Reinforce Commitment to being an Employer of Choice

Use Employee Benefits and Reward and Recognition to Reinforce Commitment to being an Employer of Choice

Improves Culture Index, Recognition Program after Employee Survey

Employee Benefits Hub Reaches 80% Engagement with Workforce

Discounts Platform Unites Spread out Workforce as a Cost-Effective Way to Engage Employees

Refresh employee benefits brand to increase usage by 65%, improve education

Receive Three Top Employer Accreditations in 2017 Thanks to Engagement Strategy

Engage 73% of Workforce through Unified, Tailored Platform

Use Communications Hub to Relay Benefits Information, See 94% Employee Enrollment

Relaunch of Employee Engagement Platform Drives £3M Employee Spend Annually

Consolidate Offering into Central Hub with Improved Discounts, Higher Engagement

Deliver Innovative Rewards to Widespread Workforce with a £40K ROI on Platform

Creative Launch Plan Increases Benefits Usage and Savings for Primarily Offline Workforce

Unique Communications with "EMma" Engages Remote Workforce, Achieve Investors in People Accreditation

Engagement Leader of the Year uses Employee Engagement to Improve Customer Satisfaction from 65% to 93%

Employee Communications Tools bring Employees Closer, Increases Benefits Uptake through Education

Focus on Employee Wellbeing Leads to near 50% Reduction in Sickness Absence, Better Work-Life Balance

Integrate Benefits into Engagement Platform to Engage 97% of People, Increase Profit by 35%

See 450% Increase in CTW Applicants, Equivalent to £3M Salary Increase Across Business

Re-Launch Platform with New Logo, Communications to Engage 81% of Workforce

Consolidate Benefits into One-stop Hub, Relaunch Benefits Brand to Reduce Turnover by 17%

Consolidate Discounts, Career Development in One Hub to Increase Sales, Improve Customer Service

Wrap Branding into Hub and Communications to Increase Employee Spend by 4x, Reduce Turnover by 20%

Tie Branding to New Benefits Offering to Improve Employee-to-Employer Relationship

Harness the Power of Technology and Community to Actively Engage 2,000+ Employees

Platform Contributes to Improved EVP, Employee Retention and Attraction

Use Hub to Unite Employees under Single Brand after Multiple Mergers and Acquisitions

Use Continuous Recognition to Involve Age-Diverse Workforce and Engagement Score of 72%

Use Employee Feedback to Engage 75% of Workforce to Improve Benefits Perception

Offer Employees Unique Benefits Set and Actively Engage 90% of Hard-to-Reach Workforce

Start-up Create Reward and Recognition Culture to Align with Fast-Paced Growth

Sync Benefits, Recognition to Transform Culture and Technology

Employee Engagement Strategy Leads to 33% Reduction in Employee Turnover, Increased Applicant Pool

Engagement Platform Strengthens Employee Perception and Employer Position in Competitive Industry

Clever Branding and Award-Winning Communications Lead to 87% Engagement from Employees

Evolve Employee Benefits and Recognition to Engage 75% of People

100% Engagement with Platform Leads to Several Industry Awards

Use Targeted Wellbeing Strategy to Reduce Absence by 35%

Hone in on Wellbeing Strategy to Increase CTW and CCV Uptake

Salary Sacrifice Benefits Engage 78% of Mainly Offline Workforce

Consolidate Platform to Drive ROI of £100,000

Unify Communications, Benefits and More to Engage 83% of Workforce

Use Platform to Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Gain ROI of nearly £90K Annually

Discounts Platform Engages Employees with Relevant Benefits

Strategic Communications Leads to 75% Employee Engagement

Among Best Place to Work, Best Work-Life Balance, Thanks to Unique Employee Benefits

Employee Engagement Platform Drives Business Strategy, Connects All Employees

Platform Improves Employee Communications, Increase Employee Savings by 44%