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MoveSpring is now part of Reward Gateway

We're partnering with MoveSpring to bring engaging wellbeing solutions to your people.

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Wellness content to support your people, every step of the way

Help employees nurture mind and body with expert content from the Wellbeing Center. The Wellbeing Center is filled with hundreds of videos, articles, tips and other resources from wellness experts to support employees in their quest to lead healthier lives in three key pillars: Physical, Mental and Financial. This approach can supplement a wellbeing strategy that lets employees choose the types of content and tools that best fit their goals, interests and lifestyles.

Build a healthy foundation for employee engagement through wellbeing

Offering an employee wellbeing program helps employees feel supported and gives them the tools they need to reach their personal physical, mental and financial wellbeing goals. But it’s not only beneficial for your people, it’s good for your business, too. The right wellbeing program can help:

4 pillars of wellbeing

Offer support where it matters most

Reach all your employees with a wellbeing strategy that’s personal, proactive and inclusive

wellbeing at work

Boost your Employee Value Proposition

Deliver wellbeing tools and support to show employees you care and enhance your benefits portfolio

wellbeing ideas for employees

Delight employees with wellbeing choice

Make wellbeing accessible through on-the-go features and an ever-growing library of expert content

The 4 pillars of employee wellbeing

Employees who are healthy and happy typically have higher levels of productivity than those who are not. Discover all of the areas of the Wellbeing Center, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Hundreds of exercise videos for all abilities and goals

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Impartial expert financial advice

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Mindfulness videos to manage stress, sleep and more

Manage everyday wellness with endless content and guidance

Employees can turn to our "Mind" tools and videos through the Wellbeing Center to keep anxiety and stress levels in check, with lots of guided meditations to help relax at the end of the day or improve their quality of sleep. "Money" helps employees gain the knowledge and confidence they need to manage or avoid financial troubles with unbiased information and actionable advice, helping them feel a sense of financial wellbeing now and in the future. Plus, your people will get unlimited access to hundreds of ClassPass fitness videos in our Move section, which they can do from the comfort of their own home (or even workplace). 

A wellbeing program built for the way you work

Like the rest of our products, the Wellbeing Center can be accessed from any device, at any time, making it a perfect resource for those working from home and for any frontline employees, too. Dive into the metrics to see weekly activity trends and to understand which types of content are most popular.


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“We launched the Wellbeing Center with Reward Gateway and haven’t looked back since. Originally, we were thinking about creating a platform internally but we’re so happy that we chose a different path. Ultimately, working with Reward Gateway has saved us hundreds of admin hours and has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Hospitality & Experience Coordinator at Northwest Lineman College

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