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Diabetes NSW, Australia's largest diabetes member-based charity, is giving back to its 110 employees by launching an impressive discounts programme this month.


  • As a not-for-profit organisation, Diabetes NSW is looking at ways it can attract, engage and retain the very best talent when market competitive corporate salaries are not an option
  • The business wants to offer its employees benefits and discounts that aren’t usually provided in the not-for-profit sector

What does the company do?

There are nearly 400,000 people living with diabetes in NSW alone. Diabetes NSW’s mission is a life without the complication(s) of diabetes. With 45,000 subscribed members, Diabetes NSW works to improve the day to day lives of people living with diabetes, through education, community programs, a free Infoline, downloadable printed and digital resources, and other services.

The challenges

Being a charity, with limited budgets, it is important that the programme adds real value to its employees.

What’s the programme?

Diabetes NSW is working with global leader in employee engagement Reward Gateway to create and roll out SmartSpending™ – Reward Gateway’s flagship employee discounts program.


The success of our organisation depends on our ability to attract, engage and retain the very best talent as it is our people that make the greatest difference. We asked our employees for feedback and have listened to their responses. The launch of the platform is our way of saying thank you to our staff; it will save them money across all areas of their lives, enabling them to spend on the things that matter to them.Linda Farrugia, Head of Human Resources at Diabetes NSW

When are they launching?

March 2016


Notes to Editors

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