At Reward Gateway, we’re big believers in practicing what we preach, so peer-to-peer recognition isn’t just a staple of our culture, it’s a cornerstone. From the first day on the job through successes and milestones, high points and low points, we make it a priority to recognize each other often and with care. We make the world a better place to work by ensuring that every one of us knows we’re appreciated – and our successes are worth company-wide recognition. To maximize visibility, we post these recognition moments on our Wow Wall, where anyone in the company can add a kudos or a ‘like’ to reinforce or add to that celebration on our employee recognition platform.

If you’ve been following along with us, you know that today is Employee Appreciation Day, so what better time to share these feel-good moments?

In honor of today, we’ve collected stories from RGers around the world about what recognition means to them, and examples of meaningful moments of recognition that stand out to them most.

Alex Powell

Alexandra Powell – Head of Client Cultural Insights:

In my first year at Reward Gateway, I had a bunch of presentations that needed to be done in the same week. I loved the work, but the long hours were getting to be a drag. Our head of marketing reached out to let me know he was aware of how long my days had been, and that he appreciated my efforts because he knew the events would help us to make the world a better place to work. I felt seen, and got a reminder that my efforts had a direct connection to our mission. I worked even harder after that message! (And then took a lovely break once the work was done.)

George Salchev – Support Specialist:

This is the small thing that makes you smile on a busy day. This is what makes you realize what impact your work has. And sometimes, when you are drowning in tasks and have the feeling that everything is going south, a simple recognition may remind you that all that work is not in vain, and you (and the job you do) matter.

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Oren Smith – Senior Database Marketing Manager:

It's sometimes surprising how a simple 'thank you' message can make your day – particularly when I'm able to understand how it helped another person or team. After all, who doesn't like feeling appreciated, right? But I admit, it's also a plus that the recognition is visible to everyone at RG. A lot of what I work on is 'behind-the-scenes' so a thoughtful eCard message also gives employees across different departments a little window into what I do for the business.I Appreciate You eCard

Leonie Williamson – Head of Design and Brand Marketing:

I was a relatively new employee at RG, and receiving a handwritten thank you letter from the founder, Glenn Elliott, was a complete surprise. His thoughtful gesture of recognition meant so much to me. His letter expressed his appreciation for my hard work and dedication to a recent project, which he believed had positively impacted the company. Knowing that the founder had taken the time to acknowledge my efforts was truly inspiring and motivated me to continue working hard for the company as I really felt that my efforts were seen and appreciated.

George Dixon

George Dixon – U.S. Director of Sales:

For me, the most powerful recognition is to highlight the assumed unseen. There have been times throughout my career where small contributions have turned into big moments, and when quiet comments have turned into loud actions.

Without those contributions receiving recognition and positive reinforcement, nobody would've known they were valued, especially me. 

I once heard a quote, ‘Behavior is what you do, Culture is how you do it.’ It's our culture that leads to innovation, success and a positive employee experience for those around you, and highlighting the assumed unseen moments makes all the difference.

Kylie Green – SVP Global Sales:

Recognition to me is all about visibility and appreciation. We should never underestimate the powerful impact of saying “I see you and I appreciate what you do.”

Klara Owens – Internal Communications and Brand Manager:

Recently, my day was made by an unexpected recognition I received from Alexandra Powell. We talk about the impact of recognition regularly with our clients, but sometimes, even I forget how truly great it feels. There is no better way to start your day than feeling appreciated and empowered.

You Rock Award mockup

Charlotte Neal – Senior Engagement Strategist:

Whenever someone has taken the time to write me a personal moment of recognition, it's given me a boost and reminded me I'm part of something truly special. From winning a personalized bejeweled hat made by Kirsty Venn in Client Success for Employee Appreciation Day, to values-driven eCards focused around how my work has contributed to our mission, the moments that matter have been recognized and it’s always felt meaningful.

Didi KirovaDidi Kirova – Head of People Operations & Learning:

Meaningful and timely recognition received over my years with RG has helped me grow and develop my career through repeating the behaviors that bring positive results and doing less of those that don't. Recognition has been particularly impactful for me during my failures, as these have been the biggest learnings, and in every learning, there's been someone to recognize the efforts I have made to change what hasn't worked.

Joe Benton – Engagement Consultant:

It’s amazing the power a few choice words can have on your mood. Early on at RG, someone senior in the team sent me private recognition after joining an external event. It showed they saw and appreciated the work I was putting in – and coming from someone who had grown at RG, it meant even more.

Laura Penuela – Head of Growth Marketing - Australia:

I didn’t realize the power of recognition, and especially digital recognition, until I joined Reward Gateway! Working in a hybrid environment, establishing strong relationships and recognizing the work of colleagues is extremely important. Sending or receiving an eCard and knowing that you have the ability to make someone’s day is a beautiful and powerful experience.


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