Uncovering The Great Adjustment Quadrant

We had hoped 2021 would be a "return to normal," but it has become clear that the pre-COVID-19 times are permanently in the past. From settling into dispersed and hybrid workforces, to keeping health and safety best practices front and center, to standing out in a highly competitive recruitment landscape, companies have had to accept this new world of work.

work from home"The Great Resignation" was the big topic of conversation this year, but now we're heading into the era of "The Great Adjustment." Now more than ever, employees are insisting that they want to work where they feel appreciated, valued and supported, at a company that they can trust.  

This year, we need to be less reactive and adjust our activities to focus on how we can create an employer brand that’s sustainable and does good by our people. That means we must focus on the inputs, and the outputs will follow.

Put simply, if treating our people well becomes our first-and-foremost priority, then productivity, retention and a more engaged workforce will come.

Organizations need to be creative and find new ways to stand out as an employer of choice in this competitive market. To help you get started, we wanted to share perspectives and ideas to get you moving with confidence into 2022. Let's work together to attract, engage and retain our top talent this year.


HR leaders have an opportunity to set themselves up for success this year by making smart adjustments to their current strategy and tactics. If you're interested in discovering new ways to attract, engage and retain your top employees, please reach out to our team for help.
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Robert Hicks

Robert is the Group HR Director at Reward Gateway. While running is his top way to unwind, he also loves going to gigs, watching football and cricket, and is known to enjoy the odd ski weekend.

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