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Ask any five people what employee engagement means to them and you might get five different answers. Ask them how to achieve employee engagement and you’ll get many more.

At Reward Gateway, we know that employee engagement needs a lot more than just benefits and rewards. While they’re great rocks to build a strategy on, they’re not enough on their own. Building a culture of employee engagement needs great leadership, great management, great job design, inspiring careers and - above all - open and honest communication.

It’s those last two things that lead us to an astronaut and a periscope.

You see, tomorrow is our quarterly staff meeting. We call it the GBU - Global Business Update - and it’s been running every three months for nearly seven years. Each GBU sees us take a half day out of the business for all staff, so that we can take stock of what we’ve achieved in the last quarter and connects us together for the journey ahead.

We’ve adapted and improved the format of the GBU so many times and each one is bigger and better than the previous one.

Tomorrow is episode 30 and it’s set to be the first truly global event.

We’re dual hosting the event from London, UK and Plovdiv, Bulgaria - where we have our two biggest workforces. We’re also broadcasting live to our teams in New York and Australia. It’s the first time we’ll have broadcasted live to Australia, meaning everyone at RG will be together for 3 hours. It’s one small step for us and one giant step for our employee communications strategy.

Tomorrow’s event is special because we’re taking stock of our last 5 years and looking ahead at our next 5 year plan. We’ve called it Project Solar. It means we look in detail at where we think we’ll be in 2020, what the opportunities are for us, our clients and our employees and what we need to do to meet our ambitions.

So because of Project Solar, we themed the GBU as Mission Solar. We can’t share any more right now but there’ll be pictures online next week and you can see how it looked.

Patrick_BaudryWhat we are revealing today is that, in fitting with our Mission Solar theme, our inspirational on-stage guest interview is with Patrick Baudry, an astronaut from France. Patrick has a hugely inspiring story, he was the second ever French citizen in space and has travelled 2.5 million miles in 112 orbits around the earth.

If you know Reward Gateway, you’ll know we love to share. So we’re incredibly excited to be able to announce that we’ll be sharing the interview live via Twitter and Periscope for anyone in the world to watch. 

Glenn Elliott

Founder at Reward Gateway, Employee Engagement expert and Author of "The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement."


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