We’re so excited for our next Engagement Excellence Live in the U.S., where we’ll shine a spotlight on what the future of work looks like as we all continue to adapt to the changing needs of our people and the environment around us in order to make a positive business impact.

What attendees can expect from EnExLive

If you’ve never attended EnExLive before, it’s a half-day of virtual presentations that will offer leaders actionable takeaways for creating a stronger, more engaged workforce to accomplish business objectives. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics we’ll be exploring:

 1. Creating new and sustainable employee engagement practices that will increase   productivity and morale, especially for remote employees.
 2. Incorporating DEI strategies into people strategies to build engaged, high-   performing teams.
 3. Maintaining a culture of strategic recognition with a remote workforce.
 4. Building trust and connection through authentic employee communication.
 5. Using technology to increase connection and productivity regardless of when   and where employees work.

Plus, you’ll hear from thought leaders in HR, DEI and employee engagement in various industries, who, like you, are adapting to the changing needs of their workforce and relying on culture, values and connection to accomplish business objectives, including:

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  • Beth Chandler, President and CEO at YW BOSTON
  • JP Laqueur, Senior Vice President, Marketing at DataBank
  • Lois Mills, Vice President/Chief People Officer at Otterbein SeniorLife
  • Amber DiNatale, Chief Operating Officer at Great Lakes Medical Imaging
  • Lauren Herbers, Organizational Development & Engagement at automotiveMastermind

And you’ll hear from Reward Gateway Subject Matter Experts, who have worked with change makers in various industries to make their worlds a better place to work.

Ready to learn more about how to innovate your engagement strategy and adapt to the needs of today’s workforce? Register for the virtual event today and save your spot, you don’t want to miss it:

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Rachel Weeks

Rachel Weeks is the VP of U.S. Growth Marketing at Reward Gateway. When she's not spreading the word to HR professionals about the benefits of employee engagement solutions (which she loves doing!), she's spending time at her second job, driving her son to his sports and activities. Play ball!

VP of U.S. Growth Marketing

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