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Reaching a dispersed, multi-generational workforce may seem like a challenge at first, especially in a fast-paced, growing environment. But, there are two main ingredients involved in making strides to better connect and engage your people: Effective communications and values-based recognition.

One Human Services organization, Crystal Run Village (CRVI), wanted to connect its dispersed employees, create a culture of appreciation and improve the employee experience. To achieve this, the organization realized it was time to update its current approach to communications and recognition. 

Unsurprisingly, some engagement methods become outdated over time. 

Prior to CRVI launching its employee engagement platform, called “New Directions,” it relied heavily on email to reach its dispersed employees. But information and updates weren’t well received on the other end, since many employees had little to no direct access to a computer throughout the day. 

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Now with the help of multi-generational technology, all employees are closer to the company’s purpose, mission and values, available on any device, at any time. Plus, employees can stay up to date with important company updates from key stakeholders – including CRVI’s CEO Bill Sammis's company-wide blog posts.


In addition to communications initiatives, New Directions also houses values-based peer-to-peer eCards, director-led rewards and “Employee of the Month” nominations, helping the organization foster meaningful relationships. 

Through the social recognition wall, both on-site and offline employees can stay connected to other teams and projects, read about their achievements, and react or comment on the moments of recognition.

CRVI's new engagement initiatives are helping the organization improve the employee experience. What's more, managers and leaders are heavily involved with the platform's success. In fact, they were the first employees to use the platform, share their feedback and highlight what they wanted to see on the platform to increase usage and excitement.

Within the first week of launch, employees sent one another 121 eCards, demonstrating a shift towards boosting employee connections and improving the employee experience. What's more, Bill has published 19 new blog posts in the first two months of launch, and that number continues to grow. 


Read the full CRVI launch story for a deeper dive into how the organization is connecting and recognizing its dispersed employees from any location through its centralized employee engagement platform.

Melissa Vaccaro

Melissa Vaccaro is a Client Success Manager at Reward Gateway. When she's not helping our clients further improve employee and customer engagement, she enjoys working out and spending time with her family.

Client Success Manager

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