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Sharing moments of recognition internally is powerful — the right kind of employee recognition reinforces what great work looks like to drive business value, helps spread best practice with examples of how to recognize others and help employees understand how the work that they do makes a difference for their peers, the business and your customers.

But there’s something to be said about external recognition, too. When you share moments of recognition beyond team meetings, or even on a social feed of recognition, you can use feel-good moments to strengthen your employer brand, and boost your Employee Value Proposition.

Here are seven ways to harness the power of these recognitions beyond the walls of your organization.

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1. Set the stage by promoting your values. If you haven’t done so already, make your values a part of your company message. Include them on your website, in your social media, across the office, and during employee inductions and orientations. Your values are a key component to setting the foundation for how employees are expected to live your employer brand and sets the tone for the customer experience, too.

2. Broadcast moments of recognition on LinkedIn. Include a recognition post on your organization’s LinkedIn page a couple times a month. Attract potential candidates by highlighting the experience of new hires and other employees. Doing so is a great way to show the kind of teamwork and atmosphere they can expect from working with your organization.

how to strengthen your employer brand

3. Extend your Employee of the Month moment with a shoutout. Have an “Employee of the Month” program? Great! Support this acknowledgement by sharing an example of recognition the employee received, along with their picture. Remember that there are different levels to sharing — employees can be excited about getting recognized, but managers can also use external platforms to extend their congratulations, or members of the Leadership Team can highlight specific teams that have done well each quarter.

4. Move past social shyness. Encourage employees to like and share posts about themselves and their team members by giving examples of how to share (I suggest working with your marketing team, as they might already have something prepared!). For those who aren’t yet social-savvy, encourage them to start small with a comment or a like on a post to add valuable contributions quickly and easily.

5. Encourage employees to share their “wow” moments on social media. Use social media as a platform for featuring employees that make your peers smile — those stories about employee actions that have a significant impact on the organization, coworkers, and customers. For instance, we have a running theme on our employee engagement platform for “Thank You Thursday,” which often talks about how we live the Delight Your Customer value. I’d love to see this alongside a job advert for our Support Team! 

how to strengthen your employer brand

6. Shine a light on your company values.
Choose a value to feature each month and associate a moment of recognition to it. Use the space on external platforms to explain what that value is, how an employee or team lived it, and show prospective candidates how teams live corporate values each and every day. You can even bring these up during a candidate interview or share links after they’ve come into the office so they can get a sense of your company culture.

7. Show off the fun side. Incorporate employee events, such as recognition dinners or an annual company picnic, into your company’s Facebook page. Sharing these celebrations gives a picture of what your company is like on the inside by showing how employees are treated. For example, we hosted an internal pumpkin carving event after work one day in our Boston office recently and our employees shared images on social media.

how to strengthen your employer brand

One (boring, but necessary!) word of caution is that many companies have social media and confidentiality policies. Always check to make sure you can share internal posts externally.

As a recap, here are our seven ways to bring your employer brand to life:

Seven ways to extend your employer brand:

1. Set the stage by promoting your values
2. Broadcast moments of recognition on LinkedIn
3. Encourage employees to share their “wow” moments on social media
4. Extend your Employee of the Month moment with a shoutout
5. Move past social shyness
6. Shine a light on your company values
7. Show off the fun side

Have more ideas on boosting your employer brand? Leave them for us in the comments!

Catrin Lewis

As Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications, Catrin's main focus is to make Reward Gateway a better place to work. Using the Engagement Bridge™ model, she drives our mission, purpose and values while adding sparkle and creativity to our internal communications.

Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications

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