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According to Deloitte’s Global mobile consumer survey, 97% of adults aged 18-24 check their mobile phones within three hours of waking up and check their mobile devices an average of 74 times per day.

A quick poll of my coworkers revealed similar results: We use our phones for our alarms, to check our email, get in touch with our bosses and even to brew coffee:

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In higher age demographics, we see similar trends: Pew Research shows that 83% of U.S. adults aged 30-49 own a smartphone, and tablet owners are on the rise as well, with nearly 50% of all of those surveyed owning one.

We’ve explored how technology will change HR’s relationship to their employee, but what about how mobile affects your day-to-day?

Beyond making things like benefits, payroll and recognition more mobile-friendly and accessible, how can you better use technology to help your daily tasks?


Much better, it turns out.

If you think mobile is just for checking Facebook, consider the recent Mobile Productivity Report from Wrike, which shows that 44% of more than 850 professionals surveyed said they check their phone for work more than 20 times every day. And 90% pointed to their use of mobile technology as critical to getting their work done.

So it should come as no surprise that all professionals, including those in HR, are looking to technology to make their lives easier, starting with accessibility at their fingertips for all their data. With apps that analyze data, giving snapshot dashboards to gauge engagement, HR can use technology to predict trends among their employees, including:

  • Pinpointing teams that are being recognized on a continual basis and those that aren’t, pointing to a need for more ways to showcase team wins and encourage peer-to-peer recognition
  • Understanding how different demographics in the workforce interact with benefits and employee portals to provide more focused, targeted messaging to drive benefits engagement
  • Seeing how many employees understand and engage with internal communications to shape your internal communications strategy

In a recent focus group we held at Reward Gateway, our clients echoed that the need for being more connected to data and being provided with more data points for better analysis was critical to their success at their job. It’s with this sentiment that I’m excited to be a big part of the team that’s bringing the SmartInsights app to our clients, for real-time data that they can check anywhere, anytime. To learn more, check out the video below, read the official announcement, or get in touch with your Client Success Manager. If you’re not a Reward Gateway client, I’d love to chat more with you on how you can use mobile to be even more successful at what you do.


Ross Webb

Ross Webb is a Senior Mobile Product Manager at Reward Gateway.

Senior Mobile Product Manager

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