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Every day, our 400+ RGers around the world are busy making the world a better place to work. And as we navigate through change and challenges among unforeseen environments, our dedication to creating world-class products and bringing our client experience to life through tireless innovation is here to stay.  

With so many things happening over the course of a year, we wanted to introduce a new series to the blog where we provide our readers with a regular quarterly overview of what’s happening behind the curtain in Product Development. I’m excited to share last quarter’s improvements with you, and don't forget to check out last quarter's, too!


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We’re always open to feedback on ways we can improve our offerings for our clients. Please feel free to reach out to me directly on LinkedIn or, if you’re already a Reward Gateway client, let your Client Success Manager know so we can be sure to hear your suggestions. 

Until next time, 

Sevil Rahimova
Head of Product 

Sevil Rahimova

Sevil is the Head of Product at Reward Gateway. She's obsessed with user experience (UX) and creating exceptional product experiences for our current and future clients.

Head of Product

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