I’ve been at Reward Gateway now for almost two years now, and not only have I learned lots, I’ve also saved lots. 

Along with the rest of the world, I'm certainly feeling the stress of rising costs – from extremely high gas prices ($6/gallon here in California!) to practically doubling grocery costs, things are just getting more and more expensive.

Of course, in times like this where inflation is continuing to impact our day-to-day, it’s become even more essential to save where we can. Luckily, the Reward Gateway discounts and Cashback options have allowed me to save a lot of money – and I’m excited to save more in the coming months.

On a weekly basis, I’ve started to save big on my groceries and household necessities (thanks Safeway and Target), but I’ve also discovered some interesting, timely and out-of-the-ordinary ways to save, too. 

So let me now share just a few of my not-so-secret discount discoveries:

1. Home and garden

paint bucket

I recently moved into a new place, and as we all know furnishing your home can cost a fortune. From a bed frame and dressers to a couch and rug, I needed to buy everything and things were adding up quickly. On top of this I wanted to make it my own with new decorations and a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom. Finally, my place gets great sunlight, so I made it my mission to fill my house with plants and start my own garden to add some cheer. While it's still a work in progress, it's been much easier and more affordable with the discounts we have at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Home Depot, HomeGoods and The Container Store

2. Food delivery

person travelling

Ordering food a couple of times a week can add up really quickly, but what I’ve quickly realized is that apart from grocery deals, our platform also has a handful of ways you can save on food delivery and takeout! Uber Eats and DoorDash come in handy often. But, if you want to do the cooking yourself there’s Home Chef and HelloFresh who also offer discounts.

3. Travel

When we start paying more attention to our budgets, one of the first things we usually try to cut back on is travel and activities. But the good news is that getaways don’t have to be super expensive – which is good, because I'm ready for my next adventure! I’ve looked at our discounts for travel agencies, airlines and hotel websites and realized that I could save money at Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, American Airlines, Hotels.com and many more. 

Pets with toys

4. Children, pets and toys

While I don't have any children myself, I love to buy gifts for other people's children. Our discounts platform provides plenty of options, from experiences like Disneyland and Legoland to costumes from Spirit Halloween and toys from Target. I also love using my discounts to buy new toys and beds for my three animals. I spoil my dog with a monthly subscription to BarkBox, where he receives toys, treats and goodies every month, and I'm always buying new cat beds from Petco so my boys stay cozy. 

5. Wellbeing

Although my schedule is pretty busy these days, I always try to prioritize my health. For me this means many different things, but some of my favorite ways to stay on top of my health are by reading or listening to audiobooks, working out and cooking myself nutritous meals. Being able to save money on my workout clothes from Athleta and Foot Locker is huge, and there are also awesome discounts to Barnes & Noble and AudiobooksNow that make it easy for me to squeeze some reading in. It feels pretty good that I can invest in myself while still looking after my financial health.

So there you have it. My five secret discount discoveries - and in a time where cost of living talk is everywhere, it’s a little more meaningful and timely to be putting dollars back in my pocket. I can’t wait to see what more I discover! 

Interested in your own employee discounts program for your people? Pop a message over to our team, and they’ll help you put one in place in a matter of weeks!

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Liana Moore-Butler

Liana is a Digital Content Specialist at Reward Gateway and wears multiple hats daily to support the global marketing team. She is a proud cat mom to two fur babies, Kai and Moki.

Digital Content Specialist

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