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I read a great article recently on The Huffington Post called '11 Mistakes You Make At Work Every. Single. Day'. Number 9 really resonated; having opted for city breaks and hectic weekends away I hadn't taken a decent, relaxing break from work in ages.

Why was that? Because going on holiday can be stressful. And I'm not just talking about worrying about how many pairs of sandals you can fit in your case, or the last minute panic trying to remember passports-tickets-sunglasses.

As a manager of a very new team whose day-to-day responsibilities and processes are a case of trial and error at the moment, I was a little concerned about leaving my new team members when I went on holiday. I was worried that they just wouldn't cope without me there to field queries and help with problems. I didn't want them to feel like I'd left them in the lurch at a crucial point in their own and the team's development.

But this is management, not motherhood! I'd fallen into a trap of underestimating my team. Instead, I needed to empower them and let them get on with it.

Empowerment (verb)

Giving someone the authority or power to do something; make someone stronger and more confident.

Isn't that what every line manager wants? For their team members to develop, take responsibility into their own hands and come out the other side much better for it?

By making sure they knew who they could turn to if they needed a sounding board but showing I had faith in every decision they made meant that I could take that 2 weeks off with my mind at ease.

And not only did it do me a world of good to properly relax, but it gave my team a chance to show what they were made of.

What are you waiting for? Go book some flights now!

Joanna Martin

Joanna formerly led the Implementation Team, whose job it is to look after new client launches and make them amazing.

Former Implementation Team Lead

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